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About Us

Welcome to C &H Sugar Gliders!

We are an USDA Licensed, family owned Sugar Glider breeding company.

We started in the glider world with our first baby named Poquito in 1999, and fell in love with these adorable little marsupials so much that we began breeding in 2018. We breed only lineaged joeys at C&H Sugar Gliders, and our current breeds include: Platinum’s, Cremeino"s , Red’s, Leucistic’s, Black Beauties, Mosaic’s and Standard Gray’s. We take great pride in our gliders and joeys, and work with our buyers to ensure that they are educated in all aspects of raising happy and healthy gliders.

Prior to selling, our joeys are fully vetted by a local exotic vet, and “pet only” males are neutered prior to delivery. We will only sell joeys once they have reached the age of 8 weeks so we know that they are mature and healthy enough to move on to their new furrever homes. We can provide shipping or depending on the distance, ground transportation.

It is our goal to always make sure our joeys are going to good homes, and you can count on us to provide continued support with any questions you may have. We are here for you and your new joey!


Don’t forget to check out our Photo Gallery of current breeders! 

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